"Here at Neighborhood Benches, we believe in the power of benches located in your neighborhood. This is the reason we save benches, hold brainstorming sessions at benches, design benches and continue to engage people at benches. Being able to witness us at work, at a neighborhood bench... can change your life. These moments are unforgettable and a picture worth a thousand words".

-Janel Shaw,

Youth Programs Coordinator

Focus groups with the youth will always

Researchers in the University's Department of Landscape and the London-based think tank, found that sitting on benches allows people to spend longer outside, which is both beneficial for mental health and allows people to connect with others in their community.


The researchers found that access to free public benches was also beneficial for physical health, as they can provide resting places for those with limited mobility to walk around. They also provide places to sit for people who want to meet in large groups, for example teenagers after school, and a space for people who are not in work or education to sit outside and watch the world go by – combating loneliness and isolation.


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