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NB is very appreciative of our thought partners with making solutions work. With our stationed thought partners positioned at other organizations and companies, we're bridging the gap between youth, adults and elders while increasing the understanding for multicultural lenses, creative leadership and project based learning.



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Solution 2: Community Level


Problem: Poor Leadership and Disconnected Youth

Need: Neighborhood Relations Services


The NRS program will challenge students to reach their full potential by learning to navigate community challenges and improving their decision making skills. Each student will learn through activities and experiences that help to develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. Our activities include:

• Community Familiarity and Awareness Workshop

• Identity Awareness Group

• Leadership Identity Development Workshop

• Causes and Issue Impact

• LID Motivational Speakers

• Community Service Workshop

• Restorative Justice Group

• Educational Importance Group Sessions


The 6 month cohort-based initiative is offered to residents of nycha developments; and supports youth development & youth leadership. Young adults will be prepared to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood while learning to design the intersections of neighborhood leadership and resident association responsibilities, as well as design collaborative actions around issues impacting the residence. This initiative will increase the presence of directly impacted people trained as neighborhood leaders on the resident association.

Students that meet the requirements and successfully complete the program will be offered Neighborhood Relations Services and Neighborhood Leaders positions as change agents working in public housing to drive down youth violence and incarceration.

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13 Month Cohort-based Leaders Leadership League

As thought partners we look forward to strengthening the experiences of our students and partner organizations. These experiences our students and partners experience are pivotal to educating young people and uplifting communities.