Youth-Adult Relationship Building

Young people life is full of ups and downs, and neither violence or incarceration is something they should have to experience. Research has shown that it can be helpful for them to have adults who they can turn to in times of trouble. Unfortunately, youth living in low resource urban neighborhoods may face adversity on a daily basis, which means that these positive adult connections can be especially valuable to them.

In fact, a new study conducted by researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shows that when adolescents in low resource urban environments have adults in their lives who they look up to and can help them handle tough situations, these mentors can have profound protective effects on their development.

Informed by a growing body of research on violent crimes in public housing, and others on youth incarceration, Neighborhood Benches sees the correlation between the two and plans to factor in the Justice Policy Institute Defining Violence: Reducing Incarceration by Rethinking America’s Approach to Violence as a way to take meaningful steps toward reducing incarceration.