Neighborhood Benches

2021 Apprenticeship Program

Solution 3

Solution 3: Citywide Level


Problem: Poor Education and Lack of Opportunities

Need: Neighborhood Benches 10 Month Apprenticeship Program

Starting January 20, 2021 application requirements will be available for review.

Neighborhood Benches offers a opportunity for 45 individuals to join the 10 month apprenticeship program. This is a competitive application process for participants from partner organizations working within these areas:

  1. Public Housing (16)

  2. College (7)

  3. Summer Program (15)

  4. Courts (7)

The selected  45 students will be a part of the #buildcommunity and #modelchange Movements, as well as the #NeverBeCaged Campaign and Movement. The apprentices will learn by shadowing Neighborhood Benches thought partner (staff) and take on key roles within the programs. These roles will include the day to day work of NB, not limited to leadership development and conferences. As part of our citywide efforts, each student will enroll in our project-based learning and grant search course followed by encouragements to adopt-a-project using best practices to design "what works". With the support of our Neighborhood Relations Services each apprentice will conduct 8 brainstorming sessions as a way to finalize plans for adopt-a-project. By the end of the program the apprentices will have the tools and knowledge to launch a project of their own focused on organizing or advocating against violence and/or incarceration through a lense of their own. These projects will launch as pilots at the selected Neighborhood Benches Project site.

Application Opens: January 20th.

Applications deadline: February 5th.

Applicant notified of acceptance by: February 12th.

Program start date: February 22nd.

Program end date: August 27th.

Come January, more details regarding the program requirements will be released. Email for additional info. 

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