Strategically designing partnerships benefits the organization, volunteers, students and communities. The design also strengthens capacity and relationships. Through this experience NB students are able to address stigmas associated with public housing and the young people residing in these public housing complexes. As a result of this support, the next-generation of leaders, identified as young social workers, urban leaders and educators are meeting to brainstorm and build upon solutions suffering communities need. These opportunities set-forth in communities for young people to engage in systematic changes (e.g. community, legislation, policies, practices, criminal justice and violence) and improve the leadership on benches increases the presence of diversified and strong leadership that will participate in finding solutions and implementing it.

Neighborhood Benches currently offers solutions at the neighborhood level, community level and citywide level for students and volunteers to enjoy. Everyone enjoys the networking opportunities and benefits of their hands-on experiences with other organizations. The partnerships with Lehman College for experiential learning, Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (MMCC) NYCHA cornerstones, group facilitation experiences at the Bronx Courts with Bronx Community Solutions, and leading summer youth participants from SoBro, Community Counseling & Mediation, United Activities Unlimited and Children's Aid Society (2017), along with the technical assistance to a number of NYCHA tenant councils, NB is increasing leadership and driving down violence and incarceration for youths and communities of color. 

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