Be innovative and take ACTION.

As part of our theory of change we focus on both, individual and neighborhood leadership practices. This practice helps with developing the necessary connections between like-minded and mission driven people. Members of Neighborhood Benches will work with you one-on-one to build your dream and connect with like-minded people.

BUT FIRST, let's work together and reestablish who you are before we start talking business.

Let's start by looking at the problem. Afterwards we can:


  • The Idea and Goal

  • The Messaging (Social Media)

  • The Neighborhood


  • Mind Mapping

  • Body Mapping

  • Community Mapping


  • Feedback

  • Branding

  • Messaging

  • Relaunch

NB understand the importance for surrounding yourself with experts... let us connect you.

Contact the Founder for More Details and visit our Neighborhood Benches site focused on one-on-one support needed before diving into the neighborhood, community and citywide level work.



Tel: 1-929-575-8124

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